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Hey, we are Petra and Stefan Bauscher and we are both trained bankers and for many years we lived a common “average consumer” life. Until the financial crisis hit us with full force in 2009.

At that time we were looking for a plan B with which we could build up a second mainstay that would make us more independent of external influences such as are experienced en masse in the current situation.

With Forever, we were able to build up our own business systematically and quickly, without prior knowledge, without major investments of time and money, with which we can enjoy an above-average life today.

Well over € 1,6 million in sales per year, a healthier lifestyle and, last but not least, more time for us and our loved ones are the result of our small decision back then to be more independent.

We would be happy to support you in integrating this plan B into your life without risk.

Have fun looking around our website and if you have any questions, just get in touch.

We look forward to you!

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Ready for a change?

  • more money in the pocket
  • a good work-life balance
  • a secure and generous pension
  • more time for yourself and your loved ones
  • a life of health and wealth
We show you how!

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Change your life

Our Top Products

Forever Aloe Vera Gel<sup>&copy;</sup>
Forever Aloe Vera Gel©
Forever Bright<sup>&copy;</sup> Toothgel
Forever Bright© Toothgel
Aloe Vera Gelly
Aloe Vera Gelly
Forever Aloe Lips<sup>&copy;</sup>
Forever Aloe Lips©
Forever Lite Ultra
Forever Lite Ultra
Forever Bee Honey<sup>&copy;</sup>
Forever Bee Honey©

What do you want to achieve?

Product Promoter
You can earn € 300 to € 500 a month by using and recommending our unique aloe vera products

from the fields of health, wellness, nutritional supplements, face and body care.

Team Builder
Together we will develop your skills and knowledge so that you can build a small team.

This brings you and your family a monthly income of possibly 600 to 2,000 €.

Building a Business
Do you have really big raisins in your head?
Here you can clear the big Forever buffet: the car program, worldwide travel

and part of the company profits - our Chairmans Bonus ...
You will work closely with us to develop your team into leaders and, step by step,

build the business and life of your dreams.

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